Greedy Belly


The food culture of our city is robust and unique. We aim to make everybody remember our specialties — From our island & peri grill barbecue and footlong fries to our jerk chicken burger & slow cooked curry goat — there are even more things to discover. We can guarantee there is something here for the foodie in all of us!


Greedy Belly isn’t shy with our bold flavours & fun modern ideas. Our kitchen has the utmost respect for traditional island ingredients and Caribbean dishes that we have all grown to love. Many Caribbean ingredients and spices are imported straight from Jamaica, such as Scotch Bonnet peppers and Pimento seeds.


Whether it’s a night in with friends or a celebration, shared plates of our famous Rotisserie Jerk Chicken, Jamaican Curried Goat, or our famous Mac ’n’ Cheese, make dining a fun and social experience.