Leicesters Latest Caribesque Street Food

Greedy Belly is a fresh modern take on Caribbean Cuisine and food for the soul.

At Greedy Belly, we use our own unique combination spices in all of our meals to create an authentic flavour. What makes the experience worthwhile? Greedy Belly serves up the best the Caribbean has to offer with a culturally inspired menu. Our own special BBQ, Jerk and have all the goodness that makes island cooking delicious and exciting.

In Action

Whether it’s a night in with friends or a celebration, shared plates of our famous Rotisserie Jerk Chicken, Jamaican Curried Goat, or our famous Mac ’n’ Cheese, make dining a fun and social experience.

URBAN Wall Art

have you seen our place? We have some of the best wall art in leicester city. You will not be dissapointed.


Jerk cooking is the soul of Greedy Belly – hot, spicy and full of life. Centuries ago (way back inna time), Jerk cooking was born in the lush tropical hills of Jamaica. Runaway slaves called the Maroons, used native spices like thyme, pimento berries (all spice), escallion and fiery hot scotch bonnet pepper, to season meats that were slowly roasted over pimento wood to create this deliciously spicy dish.

It is out of this technique that Jerk cooking was born. At Greedy Belly, we have brought this tradition to your plate with our own unique combination of these very same spices on our chicken to create an authentic jerk taste.